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In appreciation for all women, beautiful inside out, confident, sexy and elegant, that even without the make-up your soul shines flawlessly. We love and cherish you in your purist, most naked form. With those perfect imperfections that you try to hide. This song says… Let’s get Naked. Free your insecurities and get naked like trees in winter, so when the Sun shines again you’ll begin to blossom like the flower that you are. Happy Spring. Have Fun


TiaN Announcement


Fans couldn’t wait any longer!!!!!!


TiaN has made an announcement that his EP is on the way.

When do you want it? Let us know.



Professional mixing and mastering & production

Professional mixing and mastering? International Beats? Studio? If these are the things you are looking for, then you have come to the right place to get assistance.

It’s without a doubt that you’ve heard and admired the quality of Glowbe Media music. You can also get your music to sound the same by letting us do the work for you.

If you need studio time, beats or just mixing and mastering from Glowbe Media, send an email to and get your quote.


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Glowbe Designers

Enough about the guys behind the mic and production, Glowbe Media also has other important members you don’t usually see or hear about. We usually get questions on the artwork every time we release new music; well, we have two graphics designers who work tirelessly to make sure that the presentation of the music look the part.


These two creative guys go by Sydney Muthaphuli (MG Beats) and Dancan Mashudu Nethengwe (Mavu). Their portfolios include covers for “Auty ya Tshilamba”, “Don’t Take Me Too Serious”, “All Out”, “Say So”, “I Will Never Know”, “Preach” and many more.


If you would like them to create album cover, single artwork or logo, you can send an email to and get a quote.


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Feedback on DO NOT DISTURB


Let’s have some feedback on “DO NOT DISTURB” EP by MaiN that is currently out now. This project was delayed by a month and a couple of days. Even though so, this didn’t affect the anticipation of the project, in fact it made the fans crave for it even more. Unfortunately this EP was distributed for free; otherwise we would’ve been talking Gold or Platinum sales first week. Hahahahaha, hold up, don’t catch feelings just yet.


DO NOT DISTURB” EP is getting so much love from his fans. Closed doors fans are also coming out to show some love. Projects usually die out with time, but it seems as this EP is growing each day and attracting even more people. MaiN is busy trying to get the radio stations to play some songs even though we know how hard it is. He also posted on Facebook that he’s working on visuals for some of the songs. This tells us that this body of work is still to grow and reach different levels.


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Steezy New Signee


Few weeks back, Glowbe Media announced a new signee in the family by the name of Steezy. Before signing with the team, Steezy had already started recording at Glowbe Media studios. He recorded a full body EP in 2017. He’s currently doing final touches to the project and then shares it with the world. He’s single is also ready to drop in a couple of days.


Be on the lookout for this talent. At the end of the day, it’s Glowbe Media music, simply the best only.

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Linston in Studio


By now you know that Glowbe Media is an empire with enough talent to keep your ears busy day in, day out. Well, in few weeks one of Glowbe Media artists will be dropping some music. You might have noticed him in Lamo’s project called Mixed Emotions. He plays guitar so well. He has John Legend voice. He can dance his butt off. He’s name is Linston.


Linston is currently in studio working on his EP. And yes you guessed it; he is working with TiaN on the production. We’re hoping to give you a single before releasing the body of work.

Click to listen to Mixed Emotions project.

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The long awaited EP from MaiN just dropped, after so many days of waiting, fans asking everyday for the project. First day reception of the project seem to be far better than any previous project of MaiN. Fans are posting one song in particular from this project titled “I Deserve Better” featuring TiaN, can this song be one for MaiN?


Click here to download the EP.

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Say So


After making Auty ya Tshilamba a signature to people from Tshilamba and the world, it was about time he puts a stamp on it and make it official.

TiaN went back to studio and prepared a perfect song to certify his ownership of the trend.

I could say so much about the song, but I think it’s best you listen to it.

TiaN says nothing moves unless he says so and if they ask you who said it, tell them Auty ya Tshilamba said so.


Click here to download

“…’cause auty ya tshilamba said so…” – TiaN

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All Out

All Out

So you haven’t heard the recent song TiaN put out? Maybe that’s because you don’t know how far we’re willing to go. Well, we know output is determined by the input, especially if the process is right.

TiaN says he ain’t here for fifty fifty. It’s go big or go home.

With that been said, check out a single TiaN released early this year called “All Out” featuring Llost.


Click here to download the song.

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