Feedback on DO NOT DISTURB


Let’s have some feedback on “DO NOT DISTURB” EP by MaiN that is currently out now. This project was delayed by a month and a couple of days. Even though so, this didn’t affect the anticipation of the project, in fact it made the fans crave for it even more. Unfortunately this EP was distributed for free; otherwise we would’ve been talking Gold or Platinum sales first week. Hahahahaha, hold up, don’t catch feelings just yet.


DO NOT DISTURB” EP is getting so much love from his fans. Closed doors fans are also coming out to show some love. Projects usually die out with time, but it seems as this EP is growing each day and attracting even more people. MaiN is busy trying to get the radio stations to play some songs even though we know how hard it is. He also posted on Facebook that he’s working on visuals for some of the songs. This tells us that this body of work is still to grow and reach different levels.


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