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Posted by Glowbe Media on May 9, 2018

Feedback on DO NOT DISTURB

Let’s have some feedback on “DO NOT DISTURB” EP by MaiN that is currently out now. This project was delayed by a month and a couple of days. Even though so, this didn’t affect the anticipation of the project, in fact it made the fans crave for it even more. Unfortunately this EP was distributed …Read More

Posted by Glowbe Media on May 9, 2018

Steezy New Signee

Few weeks back, Glowbe Media announced a new signee in the family by the name of Steezy. Before signing with the team, Steezy had already started recording at Glowbe Media studios. He recorded a full body EP in 2017. He’s currently doing final touches to the project and then shares it with the world. He’s …Read More

Posted by Glowbe Media on May 9, 2018

Linston in Studio

By now you know that Glowbe Media is an empire with enough talent to keep your ears busy day in, day out. Well, in few weeks one of Glowbe Media artists will be dropping some music. You might have noticed him in Lamo’s project called Mixed Emotions. He plays guitar so well. He has John …Read More

Posted by Glowbe Media on April 29, 2018


Finally!!!!!!! The long awaited EP from MaiN just dropped, after so many days of waiting, fans asking everyday for the project. First day reception of the project seem to be far better than any previous project of MaiN. Fans are posting one song in particular from this project titled “I Deserve Better” featuring TiaN, can …Read More